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A New Experience: JivoChat. Online chat

Our experience with online chats has been really short but enriching. Jivochat was part of an option we chose after having tried to work with other chats available in the market. The truth is that the others were very complex to use.

The search for a chat was due to the need to have an assisted sale for customers who visit our website and avoid the leakage points that we have been told by the agency with which we work SEO.

Since we started using it, we discovered that our regular customers and our new customers have many more questions than we could have imagined. Questions mostly, very simple to solve.

Jivochat has proved to be a really powerful tool both to assist our customers in their online purchases and also to give solution to really simple queries, which we never thought we could attend directly and in real time. Today we see that in addition to all the contact points that our customers have with our company (telephone, presence, by mail), the chat represents a new and very important for which we want our customers also feel confident and can enjoy A simple and informed experience.

Today in the face of our customers, we feel that we have gained in approaching and interacting with all the people that visit our page daily. It really is an enriching experience and Jivochat provides us with valuable information and a pleasant and easy to use platform.

Today our team is available to respond, from their cell phones, chat queries allowing the experience of our client with our team is available the most time.

The functionalities, information provided, tools and assistance of Jivochat executives have been very important elements to make them one of our partners in the assistance of our customers in their online purchases.

We have always wanted the experience of our clients to become pleasant and informed and the interaction with the chat allowed us to see the needs and questions that our customers have and to be able to solve them in a direct way.

For our team it has been a learning experience since in the chat we receive feedback on: response times, abandonment of chats, general qualification, which makes us strive to give attention to time and quality. >

Jivochat is a chat that lets your client know that you are there, ready, ready to solve your concerns. It is a chat that is noticed, that makes us notice, with the willingness to resolve and to answer doubts, queries and questions.

What we most long for is that our clients come to our page and leave it with all the doubts resolved, with all the questions resolved and if it is not possible, with a response from us where we commit to give the Best solution in the shortest time. Simple or complex, we want to be able to solve your queries and support you in your online purchase process or in your process of consulting our web page.

EPP® Stores Team