What kind of companies should they provide their employees with work?

15 | 01 | 2019
What kind of companies should they provide their employees with work?

Before determining what type of company is obliged to give endowment of work to its collaborators, it is important that you know The Colombian Law regarding the endowment at work .

Once you have that first normative context, if we can enter into matter and speak if there is a qualification of the type of company. However, the regulation of work endowment is not classified by type of company, but by the conditions, role and work functions of the employee.

Only in article 230 of the substantive work code, specifies in summary that any company that has more than one permanent worker must provide endowment.

Keep in mind that here we are talking about work endowment, not personal protection elements. They are not the same.

Work envelope

It is a provision of law, where the employer gives elements of appropriate clothing and according to the work environment in order that the employee does not wear their personal clothing at work.

Personal protection elements

"Any equipment, apparatus or device specially designed and manufactured to preserve the human body, in whole or in part, from specific risks of occupational accidents or diseases".

Below you will know the conditions that the worker must meet to be entitled to this right.

Conditions to meet to receive work allowance

Any company that has employees that meet the following conditions:

  1. All workers who earn up to two minimum legal salaries in force.
  2. Permanent workers even if they have a service contract.
  3. Any employee who has at least 3 months in the company.

    Do not forget about the following

    Any company that has employees that meet the above conditions must:

    1. Deliver work envelope every 4 months. That is 3 times a year.
    2. The maximum delivery dates for the year are: April 30, August 31 and December 20.
    3. Deliver at least one pair of shoes and a work-dress suit.
    4. It is not possible to pay in cash the non-delivery of the endowment. But it is possible to deliver bonds for the exclusive purpose of purchasing the work envelope.
    5. It is mandatory that employees make use of the envelope and must be of exclusive use within the company with responsibility.

      Take into account all of the above regarding the provision of work in order to comply with the regulations. If you want an advice to choose the work envelope for your collaborators, go to EPP Stores

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